Bill Goats and the Forest (hardcover)

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Title: Bill Goats and the Forest
Author: Frode Burdal Klevstul
Publisher: Curious Creators (formerly Mpathic publishing)
Edition: First/second edition, 2022
Cover: Hardcover
Pages: 48
ISBN: 978-82-692819-0-3

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Bill Goats starts his journey to you at The Azores. He travels with registered post, by the postal service, and you will get the tracking code so you can follow Bill’s travel to your doorstep. Mr Goats has to be claimed at your local postal office or pickup point. Depending on your location, and how efficient the customs are where you live, it normally takes from 7 to 30 days before Bill Goats shows up.

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There once was a forest that covered a valley that stretched all the way from the mountains to the sea.

The Forest was a special place, being described by those who knew it as tranquil and safe; those who knew the Forest well described it as majestic and wise. But words were inadequate to describe the Forest, since the only way to know the Forest was to experience the Forest.

There was an old saying, that a day in the Forest would clear the mind of stress, a week would relieve the body of pain, a month would free the heart of its sorrow, and a year would heal the soul of its burdens. This is what the Forest did.

All was perfect. All was in Balance.

Then came Bill Goats with his mountain goat minions. Bill Goats did not respect the Balance. He wanted to control life. He wanted to be God.

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